Corporate Responsibility

As a lessor at ICBC Leasing, we measure our performance by the impact we have on the real economy. As an organization, we are committed to having a positive impact on society and our communities.

A strong corporate culture that benefits our stakeholders, the industry and communities has been an important factor in our company’s development over the past several years. ICBC Leasing continues expanding the social awareness and influence of the leasing industry, as we publish academic works, engage in education for?university students and develop professional training programs.

In 2015, ICBC Leasing issued a CSR report, the first in China’s financial leasing industry. The report showcases?ICBC Leasing CSR performance since its inception in 2007, detailing our economic, social and environmental practices, which illustrate?our ‘Responsibility First’ principle.

Serving National Initiatives
Under the guidance of China’s sustainable development initiatives, ICBC Leasing is committed to aligning the 'leasing dream'?with the 'China dream'.?To facilitate the implementation of key national strategies from the leasing industry perspective, we are enhancing our lines of business, providing more targeted and high-value-added financial services.

Supporting the Real Economy
Financial leasing can turn the capital funds provided to corporate clients into production facilities that create practical value. That is why it has become the most direct tool for the financial sector to support the real economy. Unlike traditional financial services, financial leasing is most closely related to the real economy and plays an extremely important role in linking industrial manufacturing to equipment deployment.

Improving People’s Livelihood
By activating the funds in public transport, healthcare, education, medical treatment and other infrastructures, financial leasing helps improve the efficiency of the financial funds and offers greater assistance in improving people’s livelihood.

Leading Industry Development
Over the past several years, we have built on our legal, accounting, tax and regulatory systems, diversified deal approaches, launched and organized industrial associations, promoting financial leasing. With a strong sense of responsibility, we have opened up a new business sector and improved our industry’s impact on communities.

People-oriented Harmonious Development
Our employees and support from?communities are integral to ICBC Leasing’s rapid development. Adhering to the ‘harmony builds up strength and benefits everyone’ principle, we strive for sustainable development, employee?growth and building harmonious communities through our daily operations.